Private lessons vs. group classes

Make the most of your lessons

It is my professional opinion that learning to dance starting with private lessons is best to prepare you and get the most bang for your buck.  Yes, private lessons are more expensive but everyone has their own learning style.  Most of my business is private lessons.  They are more convenient, quicker, and help you achieve a goal a lot quicker and overall, I find that students benefit far more with one on one instruction.  You don't need to invest in thousands of dollars for dance lessons, just a few to get started and to learn the foundation figures and basic leading and following skills.  Learning to dance takes time.  There are many rules  to learning to dance just as the game of football or soccer or baseball have rules that must be followed in order to be a successful player! You would want to know all the rules before getting on the field and expect to play as good as the others, right?

Preparing for and learning the rules of ballroom dancing doesn't have to take a long time.  As a matter of fact just knowing where to go on the social ballroom floor can save a lot of people from getting hurt or feeling overwhelmed and helpless on the dance floor.  Private lessons are three times quicker than group classes.  However, don't discount group classes because this is where you practice your leading and following skills.  By rotating partners and practicing with music and learning new step patterns, everyone gets to practice with different partners, each with their own style.

A combination of lessons (private, group & practice sessions) is the quickest way to achieve your goals.  You should feel progress immediately and within a few short months you'll have gained a new skill set that will last a lifetime!