The truth about learning to dance

I hear, on a daily basis, "you make it look so easy".  Well, I can tell you that it was not easy for me.  Many times I wanted to give up or quit and even had my own family members ask why I still dance?  Get a real job they said, dancing will never pay the bills.  Well, I realize that I will never get rich teaching dancing.  Believe me, after 34 years teaching people dance, it was never my intention to get rich.  My wealth is seeing how happy everyone is when they master a dance move, learn a new technique, increase confidence and social acceptance and above all find the courage to expand other areas of their lives or try something they never thought ever possible. 

Let's be frank, some people hate their jobs or situation, seem to be stuck in a rut or just can't find the strength needed to make any changes to make life easier.  Dancing has done it for me and I see it every day when teaching people to dance.  Whether you learn to Salsa dance, Waltz or even Swing, dancing has the power to change people. 

Teaching people to dance is extremely rewarding and is very personal because I get to know just about every aspect of a person.  Personalities are vast and I find it challenging to find the right way to reach each one of my students.  I carry their problems and struggles with me always.  I've laughed and even cried with my students.  Which makes my job even more important.  Whether its a couple here only for a few short hours working on a "first dance" or someone who is looking to improve their health, meet people, or just want to have some more fun, or even seeking a hobby, the benefits of ballroom dancing are vast. 

My journey has brought me here to Colonial Heights and a cute little studio that was neglected for way too long.  I find it so rewarding and relaxing to come to work every day to this wonderful world away from the hustle and bustle of the life so many leave to come see me and share a laugh and a dance lesson.  It does my heart good and my soul proud to see students travel from all areas of Virginia.  Not only local but as far away as Virginia Beach and Norfolk.  We have friends travel from Richmond, Chesterfield, Prince George County and beyond just to come dance and take a lesson. 

Please know that we here at Dancemasters Ballroom Dance Studio want you to feel welcome when you visit.  Even if you're brand new we welcome everyone from near and far with open arms.  Ballroom dancing is a religion to some and once you enter into our ballroom whether its Foxtrot, Swing or even Salsa, Disco or Country Western, we want your experience to last you a lifetime.   That's why its so important to do some research before choosing an instructor.  Are they licensed or certified?  Can the studio accommodate your schedule and have they help you set goals for your individual needs?  Do they make learning to dance easy and fun?  Are you seeing results quickly and does your instructor have a lesson plan?  Are they on time and seem to have your best interest in mind?  Before spending upwards of $125 per hour for instruction, don't you think its wise to "check out" credentials of the person or studio you're about to invest in?

Learning to dance starts with the basics of course.  Its going to take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to feel confident and comfortable.  Of course, the more time you invest in the beginning the better the retention rate and the faster you'll progress.  You can't expect to progress if you don't practice.  Learning to dance is a skill that lasts a lifetime as long as you practice and use it often.  The basics are the most important of all.  Done correctly, whichever dance you do, will make learning all other step patterns easy.  When a student is not taught properly or allowed to develop bad habits will carry these habits throughout and will make it that much more difficult to correct later.

We could all benefit from learning to dance and I believe the everyone should take ballroom dance lessons at some point in there life.  There are many ways to go about learning and everyone is different.  If group classes are your choice, you can't expect to get the same benefits as with taking private lessons.  Group classes don't offer personal attention and most times you don't spend enough time on one dance to perfect or master the dance.  You can expect to pick up a few new moves but won't master the nuances of leads or characteristics of the dance especially if the series is less than 8 hours of instruction.  

Sometimes, we learn to dance for someone else but quickly find that the benefits of dancing touch all of us one way or the other.  Believe me, if I can you can.  So, get up and get dancing!