Master dancing with a performance

We're well on our way to getting ready for our 1st semi-annual Open House Showcase coming May 15, 2016.  Our students are working hard at their routines and are getting prepared (for some), what will be their first performances.  Friends and family will be joining us on this special day when we present our amazingly talented and brave students.  Whether you're local, right here in Colonial Heights or any of our surrounding areas like Richmond, Chesterfield, Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Sussex, Hopewell, Varina, Chester, Sutherland, Midlothian, Disputanta, Wakefield, Prince George, Waverly, etc.  You're only minutes away from the best studio in the area and to becoming a dance master of Ballroom.

Why should you do an exhibition/performance?  There are many reasons including, perfecting skills like finally mastering Cuban motion, rise and fall in Waltz or the staccato feel of a Tango.  Learning a routine teaches you how to combine, transfer and style regular step patterns.  Work with your instructor to choose music that really "sings" to you and you'll find that you connect to the music.  Whether you want to dance a Foxtrot like Fred Astaire, a saucy Salsa like a Latin lover or wear a ballgown and dance to your favorite Waltz, performing can and does bring out the very best in people.

Working together to polish and perfect skills such as leading and following, body carriage, arm styling, etc. can help you with connecting on a higher level, challenge you and help you overcome fears by stepping outside of your comfort zones all come to mind.  When your teacher asks you to perform a routine consider the benefits and what it would mean to your dancing.  I think of taking a simple step pattern like outside partner breaks and adding open arm styling, leg flicks or spiral turns to make it original and add that performance quality.  We also learn to blend step patterns, transition from one pattern to the next, and maintain a dance for a period of time.

A typical routine would consist of an entrance, body and exit.  In the beginning of the routine, it seems extremely fast and that you will not be able to achieve such a level and people sometimes get discouraged.  However, with the right instructor, you learn that it is merely a stepping stone to becoming the master of your dance and soon with time and practice, your routine does not seem as difficult as in the beginning.

If you're uncomfortable with being in front of an audience then maybe you could consider a group formation to start.  Our Ladies formation team is always an option.  Our ladies are currently working on a Hustle formation and learning all about the characteristics which make up that dance along with how to carry themselves with grace and poise.  Besides, we have a great time coming together and sharing our struggles with each other and working through these difficulties along the way.

In conclusion, as a dance teacher, it is my job to inspire, motivate and help you achieve the goals set forth by you (the student).  I see changes in people every day when they learn to dance.  Changes that last a lifetime and help build self-esteem, confidence and I realize that dancing is often times a spring board to mastering all areas of our life!  Happiness can be achieved through ballroom dancing!