Why people dance

Teaching dancing for nearly 35 years has afforded me the opportunities to get to know thousands of people on an up close and personal level.  When people come to a dance studio my first question is, "why are you here"?  Most times I get the standard answer which is, "to learn to dance" of course.  But we all know that most times people are looking for something more.

I began to dance not because I wanted to learn to dance but because of an ad I saw in the paper that said, "dance instructor wanted, no experience necessary".  It sounded interesting, something that I thought would be fun.  And of course being jobless at the time without a college education an opportunity that might be the right thing for me.  Turns out, it was my destiny. 

So why do people dance or want to learn?  Some people just want to have FUN of course, but it was always some other reason why people were drawn to take dance lessons.  Maybe a traumatic experience prompted them or an upcoming special event like a wedding or a reunion.  Maybe they were recently divorced, widowed, separated or single looking to meet someone new or gain a new circle of friends.  Maybe they lead boring lives and are stuck in a job which does not offer any excitement.  Maybe they are looking to get healthy start an easy fitness regime that does not require signing up for a lifelong gym membership.  Maybe they are in a high stress career and need a break from the pressures of their job.  Maybe they've devoted their lives to their families and are now faced with an empty nest and need a hobby.  Maybe it was a lifelong dream to dance like Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers or compete and know the thrill of meeting a challenge.  Maybe couples looking for a great "date night".  There are so many reasons for learning to dance.  I've taught and experienced all of the people mentioned.

As a dance teacher, I'm merely a springboard for my students the dancing is the vessel to get you to your goals.  Its the job of your instructor to guide you and personalize your lessons to meet the needs and desires of my students. 

When seeking out a studio, check credentials.  Its important that your instructor have your best interest in mind.  My students don't mind traveling because when they get here they know that I'm waiting to give them the best experience of their lives.  If you're local right here in Colonial Heights or any of the surrounding areas like Hopewell, Prince George County, Dinwiddie, Richmond, Waverly, Chester, Petersburg, Chesterfield, Williamsburg, we're only minutes away from what could be your destiny. 

See you on the dance floor!