First Dance Do's and Don'ts

Ok, so you're getting married and you've exhausted all your funds now your short on time and need to work out a First Dance for the big day.

Why is it so many couples spend so much energy, time and yes, money on the perfect venue, the right dress, the decorations, catering, DJ, photographer, flowers, etc. but forget about the first dance as husband and wife?  Now all of the guests have to endure what normally is a 4 to 5 minute song watching the "happy couple" do the eighth grade shuffle.  Most people are looking for the bar before the song even ends.

Learning to dance for your wedding should not just consist of the first dance but as hosts of your own party, the bride and groom are the ones to get the party started.  They are the ones to set the tone for the reception. 

Here at Dancemasters Ballroom in Colonial Heights we've got you covered!  One of my specialties are in teaching wedding couples and preparing them for the big day.  We've come up with a very economical way to prepare for your first dance to make your wedding one your family and friends will talk about for years to come.

When you join us for our exclusive, one of a kind "First Dance Workshop", we'll show you how to make an entrance, command the dance floor, help you navigate your reception and get you moving quickly to the music.  Also, how to get the party started, not forgetting about the parents and of course, how to make a "Big Finish" at your reception.  Our workshop will be packed with information to help you plan your own dance, add to the excitement of the day and make you feel more confident and comfortable on the big day.  We want you to have a "blast" at your wedding, so we've designed a workshop for couples wanting to stand out on their wedding day.  This workshop will be offered every third Saturday starting August 20th from 3-5pm.

Normally, wedding couples have to invest in private lessons that can be costly (up to $150 per hour) because of the specialized instruction required.  Now, Dancemasters Ballroom is offering this 2 hour monthly workshop and is packed with everything the bride and groom needs to "wow 'em" on the big day.  You'll learn how to make an entrance, basic dances to fit to your song, the "big finish" to include the dip, how to chose just the right song and most importantly creating a dance that you can be proud of for the rest of your lives.

You'll need to pre-register by calling our studio in Colonial Heights (804) 898-3555 for these classes or we also have the workshop available for purchase on the website for your convenience.  Space is limited for our August.  Don't delay, call today!