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West Coast Swing

Join us for a new Group class series featuring the West Coast Swing.

Learn how to master the moves of this sultry Swing dance using proper technique all while meeting people, practicing skills like leading/following, slotted partnering, West coast Swing is said to have derived from the early days of Jitterbug. The dancers had gotten so wild that even the drinking patrons were getting hit by dancers. There are several sources that say West Coast Swing came from that: they drew lines on the ground and said you couldn’t move out of those lines.

West Coast Swing is danced in a slot and is noted for its syncopated steps. Followers ave more freedom than perhaps in any other dance, performing their syncopations at will. West Cost Swing became the official state dance of California in 1988. Country-western and blues music fits the WC Swing dance better and is typically associated with this dance.

$10 drop in rate for all students

For additional savings: 5 class pass - $45 or 10 class pass - $80

Earlier Event: March 18
Later Event: March 20