Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to tryout dancing and are also an essential part of our method of teaching social ballroom dancing.  During group classes you will meet and practice your dancing with other students.  They also teach valuable skills such as, partner rotation, leading and following, blending patterns, learning new figures and practice techniques learned on private lessons.  Group classes are offered weekly as a drop-in ($10 per person) or get a 5 class pass for only $45 or a 10 class pass for only $80.  Group classes are also an affordable option to private lessons.  The atmosphere is casual and fun and all group classes are open to the public, beginner friendly and you never need an appointment to join.   We also offer 1/2 price discounts for college students.  There are many local colleges such as Virginia State University, Richard Bland College of William and Mary,  John Tyler Community College, Army Logistics University, Chester career college that don't offer ballroom dancing.  We welcome our college students and know just how valuable a life long skill such as ballroom dancing is and make it our goal to bring excitement and enrichment to the lives of our youth.

The average person will master a dance in 12 to 20 hours of instruction.  Integrating group classes along with private lessons will only increase your retention rate and help you to achieve your goals faster.  A minimum of 6 people are required for group classes.  All group classes are subject to change without prior notice. 

Check the monthly calendar to see what classes are coming!