Getting Started

Our approach is to first identify what you want to gain from taking dance lessons.  Our instructors work with you to set goals and help you achieve them with our easy and quick method of learning to dance. Our goal is to ensure that our students learn proper technique in a relaxed atmosphere that is indeed FUN and encouraging.  This method is developed from the nationally recognized syllabus Dance Vision International Dancers Association (DVIDA) program.

When you begin taking lessons you are introduced to the four basic elements of learning any dance.  Then we teach you to connect with your partner with exercises to strengthen lead and follow skills.  Whether you're learning to dance the Foxtrot or the Salsa, connection is one of the most important skills in dancing. You'll learn the four ways of leading your partner and for the followers, how to read signals and become an intuitive and nimble partner.  We teach you the characteristics of each dance from Rise and Fall in Waltz, Cuban Motion for Latin dances such as Rumba, Salsa, ChaCha and even Swing. 

Our methods of teaching include integrating dances, so when you learn a dance like the Salsa you are also learning patterns and techniques that can be applied to other dances like the Nightclub Two Step or Rumba and Chacha.  Once you are comfortable with dancing basic step patterns, we then teach you to blend your steps and put them together to form cohesive movements on the dance floor. 

We also encourage all our students to attend our regular weekly socials.  It is proven that for every hour of instruction you should practice 2 to 3 hours independently.  It is a great way to meet others that share the same interest and practice and perfect your skills that were learned through private lessons and group classes.  The average person will master a dance in 12 to 20 hours of instruction.  Integrating group classes along with private lessons will only increase your retention rate and help you to achieve your goals faster.