Our Story

We think Amy Hontos, owner of Dancemasters Ballroom, was born choreographing dances. She’s just that passionate about all things dance! Originally from Danville, Virginia and raised in the Newport News area, Amy began her dancing career at Fred Astaire Studios in Newport News. Under the direction of Rick Zilonka and the late Mary Pope.  She also trained with the late John Hatton.  Amy cultivated her craft and has continued perfecting her skills for over 35 years.  Since that time, she has become a Master teacher in the field of Social Ballroom Dance Instruction. Licensed through the NDTA (National Dance Teachers of America) and registered with the NDCA (National Dance Council of America) and a Master Teacher of the Dancemasters Ballroom Teachers Academy, Amy is available for private lessons as well as group lessons at our Colonial Heights location.  

Amy Hontos, Owner